Sugarloaf Mountain

A Quick Look at Who's On Stage at the Barn...

  • Saturday, December 13th -- 7:30p -- "Grass Strings, with Jeff Russell."

  • Saturday, December 20th -- 7:30p -- "The Hatley Family" with our Christmas program.

  • Saturday, December 27th -- 7:30p -- "Cabin Creek Bluegrass."

  • Wednesday, December 31th (New Years Eve) -- 8:00p-12:00a -- "Nu-HiWay Bluegrass." Free snacks served between breaks. $10.00 admission.

  • Continued on our Our Schedule Page...

Mount Gilead


109 N Main Street

Mt Gilead, NC 27306


Our Bluegrass Music Barn

The Mount Gilead Music Barn has been providing Bluegrass Music and Dancing since 2009. Excellent regional bands and the occasional headliner stop by our establishment to play. The owner, Ralph Thompson, works hard to bring you the best musical experience possible. Come by, find a chair and relax awhile, or if you like, join the crowd out on the dance floor...

Music Barn

Music Barn

Want to Come?

Here's a peek inside the Music Barn. Everyone seems to be having a great time... Why don't you stop by for a visit. -- Just sit and listen or join the folks out on the dance floor. Have a cup of coffee or some popcorn from our concessions area and make your selves at home.